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Hurry up Spring!!!


It’s an other blah kind of day. Our weather is very deceiving. So pretty and sunny out, then you step outside and the air has a sharp bite to it. Hurry Spring!!!!  Even my Bradford pear tree thinks it’s spring, The beautiful blooms are beginning to show.

I love Spring. In Texas our springs tend to average in the 80’s but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We Texans joke that we have two seasons in Texas..Summer and Winter. My favorite thing about spring here is the wildflowers that are in bloom. Thanks to Ladybird Johnson we have some of the most beautiful highways in the spring.

I am totally in love with Texas Bluebonnets I get a rush of joy and giddiness when I see a pretty patch of them growing along the highway . I can’t help but smile and appreciate them because they only bloom for a short while. One of God’s many wonders…wildflowers.

This may sound simplistic or corny even but I don’t care. I think wildflowers are like God’s love. They are all around us and at times they are more visible but always there.

Spring time is a time of renewal. A time for things to find new life and be resurrected to fulfill a meaningful purpose. New beginnings. I love Spring. Praise God for all the beauty in the world. When I see that loan flower spring up in the most unlikely of places it reassures me  that God is in all things.