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Going from 0 to Tears in an Instant

It’s been one of those days. We all have them I am sure. Restless and sad and lonely. It’s probably the worlds worst combination. While in the hospital when I had my mini stroke I knew I had to give this over to Him and let him guide the way.

I am Christian and always have been but in many was I feel like my walk in faith is in its infancy. It’s funny how you hear the same lessons and types of sermons for years and it’s only in the past couple of years they began to really soak in and my personal Christian growth has taken off.

I read a lot and go from website to website reading things that catch my attention. I read an article on the five things God Uses to grow us in faith. It discussed Practical Teaching, Providential relationships , private disciplines, personal ministry and pivotal relationships.

I am not a professional writer and I am not a Biblical scholar. I have never pretended that I am. I am just an average Christian trying to make sense of the world around me and seeking my place in it.

Of those I think three stand out the most, providential relationship, personal ministry and pivotal relationships. For me these are the things that have shaped and are still shaping my growth.

I use to think that being a Christian who was strong in their faith meant they were well schooled in Biblical knowledge and could handle everything that came their way in a strong manner because they knew all the answers. In my walk of faith I realized no one has all the right answers. A strong Christian knows they can’t do a thing in the world without Him at their sides. A strong Christian is never through growing and is always learning. There is never a point in life where you have all the answers. In fact you don’t even have all the right questions yet. As I grow stronger my faith I realize that a strong Christian is one who can sit and pray to God saying ” Here it is Lord and here I am. Guide me in the way you would have me go and lead me to where You need me to be. When you show me Your way Lord grant me the wisdom to recognize it for what it is and answer Your call. Lord this burden is too big for me and I lift it up for You and Your
care. ”
Being strong is realizing you can’t do it alone and that you are never alone in His world. He is right there by your side. We just don’t always see Him.

Putting my understanding into practice is a big challenge for me since I have gotten home front he hospital after my mini stroke. I go from 0 to tears in an instant on a daily basis but I turn to all the wrong places for comfort. I am shouldering all the stress and burden of the fears and uncertainty on my shoulders and not lifting it up to Him.

When life gets you down and you begin to fill hollow inside is ti because you are spending time and effort in all the wrong areas in your life and it’s leaving you depressed and unfulfilled? Is that the cause of a lot of depression in our world? Do we have unrealistic goals and aspirations in life and find our selves depressed when those things we thought would make us happy don’t?

When you find yourself like me this past week going from 0 to instant tears ask yourself this question. What have I been filling my life so full of that it had blocked out God’s light?