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Thank You for Your Footprint


People come and go from our lives. It’s those people who shape us, mold us and help us to define our selves. Some are good influences and some are bad or indifferent.  Positive or negative their footprint is forever etched in our souls.

I want to thank those people in my life that have shown me love and kindness because in that they taught me to love others more then myself.  I want to thank those who have used my kindness for there own purposes because they taught me to be wary.  I want to thank those who have come to my aid both emotionally and physically for they have taught me the satisfaction of serving others. I want to thank those who have lied to me because they have taught me to seek truth in all things. I want to thank those in my life who have sold me short because they only made me more determined to show them they are wrong.  I want to thank those who have touched my heart on any level because it reassures me I am capable of love and empathy.  I want to thank those who have hurt me because in the end I came out stronger then before.

To all of you I pray God touches your lives and continues to bless you. I love you all.

“There’s a hallway in my heart and mind and I walk there from time to time. Revisiting footprints etched deep in my soul. Some of the memories are brief. Filled with love , sorrow and grief. Others linger on.  I find myself thinking back to the point of losing track of the things I am grateful for in my life. I thank all who have walked the halls in my heart and may a tiny little part of my love remain with you today. This you may not know, but it’s your influence that’s helped me grow into the woman I am today. ”

Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.   Romans 13:8


Texas Man Reunited With Dog Who Had Been Missing After Crash « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

Texas Man Reunited With Dog Who Had Been Missing After Crash « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

This a touching story. Little blessings can arise out of tragic situations. God shows us always that even in our darkest hours He is with us. So many loving people willing to help this man and his family out. God must truly be working through them.