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Momma Bear

It’s Monday and starting the week off slow. My youngest has been sick all weekend and is still not feeling well. I was all dressed up Friday night and about to leave  to go a friends house for monthly bunco. My poor little man came in and said his chest hurt. He still can’t recognize an asthma attack. I held him close and gave him his inhaler and he began to feel his chest loosen some, but he was red hot. I asked him ” Do want mommy to stay home with you tonight ? ”  He smiled from ear to ear and said “yes mommy I would like you to stay and take care of me.” Dad is a very capable guy and he was in good hands but he wanted mommy.He is nearly 9 and is getting very independent. Feels good to know you are still needed no matter how independent they become. I was blessed with kids who love family.

This got me to thinking what is it we do as moms? Traditionally we moms are the nurturers and dads are the protectors. With that said don’t ever discount what I call being a “Mamma Bear”. Mama Bears are the ones who go to bat on there kids behalf and always  see they are cared for and protected. We are the ones who have to attitude ” you’re gonna have to get past me to get to my child and that won’t be easy ”  Fierce in spirit but tender in heart.

We have a big responsibility as moms but don’t think for second any of us consider our children to be burdens and obligations. It’s way more then duty it is our God Given purpose. We clothe, feed,  teach life lessons. We guide them morally and emotionally. We are not over worked employees. There is no over worked under paid because it’s not a job it’s just life. We do the things we do because we want to not because we have to. No matter where we go in life, or if we are employed or stay at home moms we will always be mom first.

My Friday evening went on with my son laying down and me reading a book to him as he read along. I babied him all evening . I did what momma bears do. I made sure he was safe and well taken care of and left alone to rest.