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Being Lost in Your Own Mind…

Yet again I have not been very active on my blog. Follow through is obviously a habit you have to develop. I am still working on mine.

I find myself these days in a very subdued mood. I am lost in my own my own mind.  As I write that phrase being ” lost in my mind” a song comes to mind. It’s by a group called The Head and the Heart aptly titled ” Lost in my mind”. That’s exactly what I have been doing. If you see a pattern with me associating everything in my life with certain pieces of music , well that’s me. Music may it be Christian or secular moves shapes and speaks to us on so many levels. In my life I have found strength through music, reflection, inspiration, joy and sorrow. Every aspect of my life can be tied to music. No, I am not a musician just a music lover.

Back to being lost. When we find ourselves deeply involved in our own thoughts are we truly lost?  Sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think being buried deep in your own thoughts can be a way to find the path out of the mazes we build in our own lives. Our society is faced paced and impatient. Rapid computers, Iphones, Ipads, high speed internet, express check out lanes, fast food. You know what I am talking about. We have set ourselves up for dissatisfaction with all this instant gratification. So sometimes we get lost. Our paths are not clear.

We end up confused and overwhelmed. Slowing down and pressing the pause button on life so to speak can help a confused mind find clarity. Slowing down is hard for me. I turn around twice and a month has flown by and I get overwhelmed with the woulda, could ya, should ya’s.

Funny I beat myself up for not doing more but I never reprimand myself for not sitting and just be with myself for a while. Let myself get lost in my own mind. Not tv, computers, radios just me sitting or laying down thinking.

As I have been doing a lot of sitting and thinking my thoughts are with people around me. I know what is wrong and broken in my own life and I visit those issues often, but lately others around me have their own set of of issues they are dealing with. My mind has been with them. I guess you can say I have a ” quiet concern.”

I will continue my quiet reflections and prayers. Maybe being lost in your mind isn’t a bad thing but a step back to sanity and reason. It has been said , to know one’s self is to love one’s self. I may have the quote mixed up a bit but the meaning is clear. The ability to be satisfied and comfortable with who you are  is something we all should strive for.  It’s when we can sit and just be still that God’s voice is the clearest.



A Plea for advice…

I have many Christian bloggers who follow me. I thank you. I need advice. This morning out of the blue my 8-year-old son told me ” God doesn’t exist.” We are an active church going family and very involved in church. He loves Sunday school and our kids Connection worship service for kids. He plays soccer in the Upward sports program   at our church. It was shocking to hear him say that. I honestly don’t know how to handle this.  I asked my son why he felt that God didn’t exist. He answered me by saying ” No matter how much you pray nothing happens. ”  I don’t know how to explain this on a level he will understand. Have any of you ever had to deal with this type of situation?  I really would love any advice I can get on this subject. I want to address this with my son in the best way possible.

When Life Gives you Lemons……..


It’s a dreary day here in North Texas. Sharp contrast to the weather earlier this week. We have gone from pleasant and sunny to cold damp and cloudy. I guess I am one of those people who’s mood it greatly determined by the weather outside. The other day when it was near 80° outside I was all about cleaning out my front flower bed and get it ready for planting. Today I don’t want to do a single thing productive.

My oldest has been saving up for a video game she has really been wanting. Turns out everyone really wants this game and we can’t find it in-stock anywhere. A certain major retailer got our hopes up only to be dashed with in 30 minutes. Hard lesson that life isn’t always fair or kind. She is very very sad but understands we will continue checking the stores when they get new shipments.What makes matters worse is her brother found and purchased the game he had saved his money to buy. 

We all make choices in life and the truth of the matter is there is no do overs. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with that reality. No fairy is going to come and zap your troubles away. The question we have to ask ourselves is do we brood over it or do  we buck up and live with the reality we have made?

How we handle disappointments is also a life lesson. Sometimes I wonder if we are doing our kids any favors in our society today by the ” everyone gets a prize” mentality. The real world isn’t like that and we are raising our kids to live in the real world. When they get out of school and go to work the boss won’t say you all tried so hard so you all get the promotion. I am all for recognizing good efforts with a pat on the back and words of acknowledgement. That is important. I try to tell my kids during disappointing times that these things happen and we have to move on or be patient. Some disappointments are out of our control like the stores being  out of stock on a game. Some are of our own doing. We need to learn from those and do better or different next time.

My disappointment today is the weather. I have had a taste of spring and I wan tit back. So when life gives us lemons do we make lemonade or do we pout about how sour the lemons are?

Memories of Home


There is an awesome song that was out a while back by Miranda Lambert called The House That Built Me. It’s a very touching song and one that Identify with. In the song she talks about all the memories she had in that house where she had grown up. I have lost both my parents. All I have left are memories. My sister and I had the task of selling the only childhood home we had ever had. All those memories. I remember clearing out the few things left in the house before we closed on it.  I walked room to empty room recalling my days as a kid and teen in that home. I didn’t have a perfect childhood, but who does?

My parents made things special. My fondest memories center around food. I was blessed with two parents who were great cooks. Nothing fancy but good at cooking.  My mom was German and dad was a Texas farm boy.  I had the advantage of eating foods that were the best of both worlds.

I have learned over the years how to cook both of their specialties. I could make German purple cabbage and sevral other dishes. I learned how to make my dad’s red beans. I never learned to make one of the best things he made, Beef Vegetable Stew. Nothing fancy just down home hearty cooking. I had made several attempts but it never came out like his. I gave up trying for the longest time. This week I was really craving the stew so I decided to give it another shot. I got it right!!! Oh the memories it brings back. Memories of home. I remember the house smelling of that wonderful stew. Now my home did too. I don’t know if it was the taste of it or the smell of it that brought me so much joy this week, The fond memories though are priceless. Some times a touch or a smell take you back to  a time in your life you hold dear.Like I said most of my good memories centered around food.

I think back to all the home cooked meals we had. Green beans from dad’s garden. Salad made from things he grew in the garden. The old fashioned canning mom and dad would do every year with their tomato crop. It was more then just food. With tthe food that was painstakingly grown and prepared came a lot of love. Getting the recipe right ( he never wrote it down ) meant a lot to me. It’s something to pass down to my kids. It’s tradition and it’s home.

What reminds you of home? Please share.


Good Day Sunshine! ( and other blessings )




It’s a beautiful day here in North Texas! I am about to go outside and take it all in for a while. As I began thinking about going outside my mind quickly went to the little boy still being held hostage by a stranger who is mentally unbalanced. My prayers are with the family and the child. As a mother, I know the waiting must be torture on them. I also pray that the man holding the boy hostage has moments of lucidity and realizes the boy needs to be set free. I look outside at the beautiful day we were blessed with and I think the poor little boy is in a 6 x 8 foot space underground.    In Alabama there was a brave bus driver who refused to give up the kids and gave his own life to protect them.  A true hero. 

As I thank God for the beautiful day he blessed us with I also give thanks for other blessings. I am blessed with two wonderful kids who are safe home with me. I am blessed with a roof over my head and food to eat. The simplest of life’s basic necessities are all blessing from God.

Grab your own kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews and give them a warm hug. Say a prayer for that little 5 year old who is scared and alone. Pray that God continues to look out for  him and keep him safe. Pray that this child will soon know sunshine again.

Urgent Prayers Needed

The standoff in Alabama has me sad and heart sick. I fear for the child’s safety. Please say a prayer for this young man. A 5 year old should not have to be put through such terror.  I pray that the innocent child is set free, unharmed. Please pass this on and let’s begin a circle of prayer for the child. I have a news link at the bottom if you are unaware of the situation.