Finding strength to move forward when stumbling blocks get in your way.

I was just blogging about moving forward in 2013 and setting goals. I love your blog and hope to read more.


This morning I noticed a Toyota Prius trying to get up a small hill that is very gradual.  It’s a small car that does wonders with gas mileage . . . normally.

Northeast Ohio, where I live, was hit by a load of snow yesterday (Yes, the day after Christmas. Bummer.).  We used to live in Rochester, NY, where there was an abundance of snow removal equipment. That was because there was quite a bit of snow up there on a regular basis. In fact, our first winter there it was the snowiest city in the United States (except for Alaska).  After the first major snow storm that year I was amazed to see a small snow plow being driven by an employee of our town. It was just the right size for the sidewalk! Pretty cool.

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