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Pet Of The Week: Mongo

What a cutie



I have let this blog go for a while and probably lost all of my regular followers.

I ask for prayers for a beautiful young family at my church. He has very aggressive colon cancer . They have three young kids. He is only 41. They received bad news today.

I feel so guilty that today I was stressed out about finances, broken cars, broken plumbing…all the while  there are people like this family who wished my issues were all they had to deal with.

Please pray for this family.


I’m sitting on my couch rivited by the tragedy in More , Oklahoma. I live in North Texas and not too far from the Oklahoma border. I am torn up at the lives of those children that were lost. When you have a child that is school age it really hits home. Especially when you live in what is referred to as tornado alley.

Last year we were hit in my town by a massive tornado. At first the news was giving the path of the storm to come right past both schools where my kids attend. I always thought they were safer there then at home with me. Now with word of the deaths of the kids at school I am sad and scared about my own kids safety.

Still with all the tragedy that surrounds us every day I know God is with us. His love comforts us in times of uncertainty. I pray for the people of Moore. May God bless this community in this time of tragedy.

Processing Life

I haven’t blogged in a bit because to tell the truth I have had a hard time processing life around me lately. Like most Americans the events of Boston and of West have weighed heavily on my mind. That week was a stressful week for me then the world around me became stressful as well.

How do you deal when the world around you goes haywire? I tend to react and do what has to be done and then fall apart later. I do turn to prayer to aid me in staying calm and focused. God is so much wiser then we will ever be and He never gives us a burden we can’t handle. He asks of us to rise up and meet the challenges life throws at us. He never expects us to do it alone though. He always helps us to process and deal with adversity , tragedy and illness.

As I think about all those who were caught up in the events of Boston and West I know God did not cause these events but He is forever there to help us in the aftermath. So many things in life are not fair because life isn’t fair and never was and never will be. Yes bad things do happen to good people but God isn’t vengeful and he does not cause tragedy as a form of punishment. God is and will forever be a God of grace freely given.

We all became citizens of Boston and West last week. Our hearts ached for the families and children. We soared with pride for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to help others. We appreciate their sacrifice. We grieve for the families and seek ways to help. I have never been prouder to be an Americana and a Texan last week.


Pray for West

Please pray for those people in West. The accident was horrific and frightening. Pray for all the selfless first responders and citizens who jumped in to help. God bless you all!

lifes too short

Baby Steps



Spring is here and yes it is a time for promises fulfilled and new adventures. I have mentioned before I have spent a lot of my life lately shutting myself off from the real world. Stuck my head in the sand and chose not to deal. No more!

Life is truly an adventure and I am seeking to find the fun in things again and let my self shine in what ever way it manifests itself. I am volunteering more. I am going to the gym in order to keep myself healthy. I am turning off the computer more and tuning into what my kids are doing.  I can’t get back the time I squandered away but I can begin making new more positive memories.

I am ashamed it took me so long to wake up to what is real and what is now and what will never be again .  God has been working through me because I feel it in my very soul. It has been me who was resistant to it all. It has been a back and forth struggle with God’s calling and my willingness to answer.  God has never given up on me. If He had the internal struggle I felt within myself would no longer be there. It is still there . As I feel myself taking baby steps in the right direction the tension within loosens just a little. It’s like a weight being slowly lifted off of my shoulders.

I have stated before I feel my self being led down a path. I feel God laying out baby steps for me to follow. I believe He will slowly reveal where He is leading me. I know writing is one area I am being lead. I know He is calling me to find my purpose and this is how He is revealing it to me.

I am candid about my own personal struggle because I know I am not the only one with this internal turmoil. I hope by sharing my journey others will realize they are not alone. I find strength from the beautiful words written by other Christian bloggers . Their words of encouragement are priceless.

If you are like me and beginning a journey of faith  I pray you begin to feel peace within . I pray the waters of turmoil calm and your adventure begins. God’s love is truly amazing .